Coresuite Fixed Asset addon questions

Andrea Bertolio

Hello everybody,
I have 2 question about Coresuite Fixed Asset addon.
Where (in which forum) could I write that?

Andrea Bertolio

First question:

if I have to insert a fixed asset in the system, of old goods used from various years in the company, how to do that?

If I create a new fixed asset from Fixed Assets master it is created as Draft and I can not assign a lot of information such as initial/actual value, G/L Account, Journal Entry Nr... is that correct? Why this?

is it always necessary to start creating a new fixed asset from one document or journal entry?
Second question:

it is possible to create assets classes but I don't find any report showing, grouping or filtering that....

Is it right?
Thank you

Patrick Pribilovic

Hi Andrea
Thank you for your request.
Please send us quickly an e-mail with your question to
It will be the fastest way to help you with your issue.
Kind regards,
Patrick Pribilovic



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