Reports empty and bad references


Jérôme Bézanger

On of my customers uses
Coresuite accounting 2.04 (French)
Coresuite Designer 2.00
Coresuite editor 2.01
Coresuite External Report 2.00
There are three problems with accounting reports :
About balances : FIN05535 is OK (without drilldown ?), but FIN05543 is empty. There are just the selected accounts which appears in top of the report. Nothing else :(
About General Ledger : FIN05524 is OK, but FIN05541 and FIN05539 don't work fine : ref2 is incorrect. The ref2 of the first line of the account is copied in all other lines of the account !
Most of the reports are not automatically active in SBO, I have to activate them by the "Layout Definition"... And a lot of reports come with an english name (It is not a problem for me, but if you know french accountants, you know it disturbs them !)
I have tried to uninstall Coresuit, to reinstall reports, nothing seems to have effect :(
Hope you can help
Jérôme (sorry for my very french english :oops: )

Philipp Knecht

Hi Jerome
All the French Accounting Reports are located in specific menus in B1.
If this doesn't help what countrysettings do you have?

Jérôme Bézanger

Hi Philippe
At my customer, the reports are located in submenus called "Extension", in which a lot of reports are missing (most of balances report).
Is there un specific .sip to download for french reports ? Aren't they available by download in Coresuite administration module ?
Of course they have french as countrysettings...

Jérôme Bézanger

No Answer ? :(



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