Print error in FIN5419


Carl Verhagen

Hi all,
It seems that printing the FIN5419 Journal Entry isn't possible as a print error appears.
We've not yet upgraded to the latest Accounting release from 30/4 but from the changelog we noticed nothing is said about FIN5419.
Ofcourse we can use the standard lay out, but if a Coresuite report exist, we want to use that one.
Please advise.
See attached error screen.

Carl Verhagen

Unfortenately but after the upgrade of Coresuite accounting( from 30/4) this problem is still not solved.
As I also has problems with uploading the error screen to this message I can't show you the print error in the layout as of an invalid object name ITR1.
Now we have to deactivated the journal entry report otherwise we can't print it when needed.
Please advise.

Carl Verhagen

Hi support,
Any news about this report FIN5419 and the error in the query?

Marcel Fuchs

I have the same problem, please help...

Carl Verhagen

O.k. the journal Entry report and some others doesn't work for rel.2005A if you're updated to the 2.0. Coresuite release.
I don't know at what release MarcelFuchs is, otherwise I can close this message.



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