View column matrix in a specific color

Emanuele Croci

Dear all,

is it possible to color a column of the matrix in the Delivery form?


Best regards





Hi Emanuele,


Have you had any feedback on the possibility of adding a background color to a matrix column or group of columns?


Any one know if this is possible?

Emanuele Croci

Dear Desmond,

I have not the solution...   :( 


Perhaps an expert can point us in the right direction.  :D


I would like to be able to color a group of columns on my Sales Quote with different colours. Similar what you see when you open Core's Optimizer Rules window. 


For example : First 4 columns on my matrix in blue, next 4 in green etc.


Is this doable? 


Looks like we out of luck with this one Emanuele.  :( 


If I find anything helpful I will drop you a PM.




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