How to check/uncheck a standard (non udf) checkbox


I have already spent hours trying to do something not that complicated (in my opinion). But it doesn't seem to be that easy to change the state of a standard (non user defined) checkbox from within a VBCODE snippet in Coresuite.

I have read different sites and forums, also searched for C# code but most of the small amount of info I can find is concerning user defined checkbox objects which you need to databind. As far as I understand, this checkbox (BlockDunn, see code below) is already databound. I tried to add a datasource also but it gave me this notification so I am becoming clueless what else to try.

With this code I can change the label (.value) of the checkbox without a problem, the checkbox itself doesn't change state at all.


form rule code:



  Dim oblockDunn As SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components.CheckBox = CheckBox.GetFromUID(pVal.Form, "193")

  Dim bnpFact As String = Matrix.GetFromUID(pVal.Form, "136").GetValue("2", 9)

  If (bnpFact = "Y") Then

    oblockDunn.Checked = True

  End If

  If (bnpFact = "N") Then

    oblockDunn.Checked = False

  End If

Catch ex As Exception

  customize.Messaging.Debug.WriteMessage("Error in coresuite customize Rule (TEST): " & ex.ToString(),   customize.Messaging.Debug.DebugLevel.Exception)  

End Try


The code would logically force the checked state to Y or N but it doesnt do anything No exception either...


If I check the state of BlockDunn before my action, it is false. Then I do .checked = True and afterwards I check again but the state is still false. If i check BlockDunn checkbox manually and run the code again it sees that I checked it but I cannot do this with this code.


Screenshot of the Optimizer screen in attachment. I also tried triggering the code from a click event on the Matrix object instead of the Update button but that doesn't make a difference either. The trigger in any case execute the code but sadly the checkbox state doesn't change in any way I try.


Does anyone see what I am doing wrong ?


I suspect it is not as easy as I thought :)




try it with



It should do the same as if you clicked the checkbox yourself.


Hi, thx for the tip ! Sadly the checkbox stays unchanged with this command. I output checkbox status/value before and after the command and check visually but it doesn't seem to change :/




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