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I have a rule that copies a date field from the previously active form (sales order) and pastes it to a date field in the currently active form (delivery) when copying from the sales order to the delivery.  That works fine.  The problem is when someone goes directly to a delivery through the modules menu, there was no previously active form to copy from.  I guess what I want is for the rule to apply only when using the copy to button.  Any thoughts?

Anders Olsson

Hi Apollo,


I assume you are using Easy Functions for that. In the SQL query you could use the Remarks field as a condition. It will have some text "Based On Sales Orders XYZ" when using the Copy to function.

For example: IF '$[$16.0.0]' LIKE '%Based On Sales Orders%' THEN SELECT @@Condition





That'll work.  Thanks Anders.  For the record, here is the query I went with.  It was throwing errors with the "THEN" included.


IF '$[$16.0.0]' <> '' SELECT '@@Action'




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