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Roberto Marra

Dear all,

in the attachment you can see what happen. The red square is where I moved the field, plus there is a new one. Everything is ok until I move the Credit Limit field, when I move that field on the left side some field lose their original position.

I guess there is a sort of invisible link, but I would like to solve it.


Any suggestion?


PS: I added as well the rule of the Item Placement if you want to make some test


Thank you


Sorry I update this thread in date 08.05.2014 with new request. I noticed that even thought the item is show in the correct postion, when a user use a different font, usually bigger, all get twisted, on field goes upper the other and stuff like that.

Anders Olsson

Hi Roberto,


I imported your rule to test. My explanation for this is that SAP uses the Credit Limit field internally as a reference in the form resize event to position the other items.


The problem here, which is also related to your other question, is that when the form loads all items are placed including New Items and Item Placements. Then the Resize event is triggered by SAP to show the form with the same size it had the last time it was shown. This is where the problems happen. In the Credit Limit case, SAP probably checks the position of Credit Limit to try to figure out where to put the other fields.


There is a checkbox called "Use resize event" in Item Placement that solved this problems most of the time (but not in this case) at a performance penalty.


One possibility would be to create a new item and link it to the same datasource as credit limit and then simply hide the original credit limit field (then it will stay in its position and not destroy the other fields). I haven't tested this so I can't guarantee that it works but that's something you could experiment with.





Roberto Marra

Hi Anders,

and thank you for your reply. I appreciate your comment and make sense to me your explanation. I'll do some other test with this new info.


Best Regards





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