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Roberto Marra

Dear all,

I create via Optimizer a function that send an email when somebody is invoicing and some internal criteria are not satisfied. In the email some info are hard coded, other are results from a query.

Since I got already a report, made with Coresuite Designer that got almost all the information needed I was thinking if there is a way, via coresuite customize to launch that particular report save it and send it as attachment in the email. (send it as an attachment is not a problem anyway..)


Do you know if that is possibile and as well is possibile to use a query already in the QueryManager and store the results in an Hashtable or an array or wathever?


Thank you in advance


Roberto Marra

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Roberto, this is for sure possible!  :)


are you aware and did you try to use the command ExecutePrintDef?

You will find this in the forum, as well in the coresuite manual


LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.ExecutePrintDef("WORKSHOP_LOGPF", true, LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.OpenLayoutModes.Email, "FromDateLog", fromDate, "ToDateLog", toDate);


For saving the report you can use the property ExportFileName under PrintDefinition/Document and the property ExportPath under PrintDefinitionEmailFax together with the fileType


Either you specify in the layoutdef the datasource to be used or eventually you add your datasource via customize (see the for a video about that).





Roberto Marra

Thank you very much Paolo, I already heard once, but I couldn't remember.


Appreciate your support.







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