Excel Sheet in SAP Form

DREAN Sébastien

Hi All,


Is it possible to open an Excel workbook in a SAP Form ?

The idea is to open it with only the sheets or the first sheet, and not the ribbon.


Best Regards,

Sébastien DREAN

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Sébastien, what you are asking it is possible. There are different options here: either within the same SAP form (complex) or via a right click on a separate form (easier).


This would require to use some extra dlls and it makes more sense to develop it like a .sip instead of via customize due to the complexity.


As this task is quite complex I would suggest you to open a ticket at helpdesk.coresystems.ch in case you would like to get a quotation to develop such functionality.




DREAN Sébastien

Thank you Paolo for your reply.


The solution that requires the development of a SIP is for SAP form or via right click on a separate form ?


If is the first, what does it do for the second solution ?



Paolo Manfrin

Hi Sébastien,

a separate sip is needed in both cases.






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