Grid Configurator: Can't find existing @COR_CUSTOM_GRID entries in SAP



I'm testing the new grid configurator in our Company. I added two new grids, but when I try to open These grid in SAP I couldn't find them. In the grid configurator form in search Modus it will not Show any entries, When I Change the value in @COR_CUSTOM_GRID.u_openBy from 3 to 0, i can find them in the form.


Do I have any wrong configurations?



Marc Evangelista



Paolo Manfrin

Hi Marc,

option 3 should be related to "Open by Right click on form".

The menu entry should appear when right clicking on the header of the form. Did you close and reopen the document form after saving your settings?


If when you right click on the header of the form you still do not see the menu entry then we should investigate if this is related to a bug.

In such case please open a support request with coresystems.

Thank you



Hello Paolo


Thanks for your reply.

I added this new grid to the Servicecall Mask for right click. In the servicecall mask i can work with this grid very good. The Problem is only when i want to Change something in the grid configurator. I can't find my grid here until i changed the entry in the database from 3 to 0.

Thats maybe the reason why i have to choose the right click menu entry again, after doing this.


Hope you will understand what i mean.






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