Report Documents Sales (SAR06000) should show full numbers


Dear all,


the Report "Sales Documents" (SAR06000) has the parameter "sort by" which alos includes "country".


But: In case an address in a Sales Document has been overwritten, such documents do not show at all in the report.


I think it would make sense to sum up the entries that do not have a Country entered here into a group "Other Countries".


In addition, it would make sense to separate between "Shipping Address" and "Delivery Addresse" and in addition support the function Shipping Address = Billing Address in such cases.


What do you think?




Fiona Shao

Hello Sebastian,

Thanks for your suggestion. we will think about your requirements as the improvement of accounting module and try to implement in the future release. you could always check release notes if your requirements included in new release. Please feel free to contact us if any further questions.

Best regards,





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