Sales Pivot SAR06001 CORESUITE accounting

Massimo Ennio

in the "sales pivot"  are considered the invoice lines that are indicated as tax only ( so the field TaxOnly of the table INV1 is checked).

...then the invoice total is wrong because the taxonly rows are include in the total amount of the sales document.


the SAP standard  invoice list is correct,  without the taxonly row


how can I fix it in the coresuite report?



Hello Massimo,

This issue was lead by the datasource of this report. As this datasource is provided by our add-on, if you want to fix by yourself, the only possible way is duplicate the layout definition of this layout, remove our datasource on the top of right and attach your own datasource saved in query manager. please check follow steps to get the datasource

1. open designer configuration -> check log query

2. restart our add-on

3. running the report SAR06001

4. open the path -> Temp -> swald -> your company DB -> queries -> queries.txt

5. the txt file record the datasource query

6. please revise this query and save in query manager

then the saved query could be used in your duplicated layout definiation.


best regards,





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