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Alessio Marzorati1307610978

Hi folks,

I don't know if this is the right place to write this information, but I don' find another place.

I've found the following error in the layout FIN05413:

for the liabilities accounts the amount in foreign currency has an opposite sign than the amount in local currency. This behaviour is due to the fact that the amount in local currency is managed by (code in textbox7):

in which the sign of the amount is changed if the account is a liability one.
But the linked amount of the foreign currency is simply (textbox9):

iif(Account("ActCurr")<>"##" And Account("ActCurr")<> MainCurrency, Account("SaldoFC_DC"),"")
So for the foreign currency there is no sign inversion.
I've modified the code(textbox9) as follows:

iif(Account("ActCurr")<>"##" And Account("ActCurr")<> MainCurrency, IIF(Account("GroupMask").ToString()="1",Account("SaldoFC_DC"),Account("SaldoFC_DC")*(-1)),"")

and so it seems working well.
This post is for inform you of this bug and, eventually, to know if there is a correction planned or deployed in some version.
Last version found with this bug:

SAP B1 version 8.82 PL05

layout FIN05413 version: 3.4000
Have a nice day


Friederike Mundt

Hi Alessio,
Thanks a lot for the perfect bug report. I entered it in our development system and we will plan if for the next release 3.60 end of August. If you want to get an update on the status please send an email to with the question when the issue 'CSPC-656 - FIN05413 Liabilities accounts the amount in foreign currency has an opposite sign than the amount in local currency' is planned to be resolved.
Let me know if you have any futher questions.
Kind Regards,




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