Print Incoming Payment with Payment Drafts Report

Séverine LE ROCH


I have the version 3.30.15420 of coresuite accounting.
When I want to print my incoming payment directly in the screen "Payment Draft Report", Coresuite doesn't work, the PLD appears.
I have this error message:

"Impossible d'effectuer un cast d'un objet COM de type 'System.__ComObject' en type d'interface 'SAPbouiCOM.ComboBox'. Cette opération a échoué, car l'appel QueryInterface sur le composant COM pour l'interface avec l'IID '{BB08FCAE-635E-4CE9-B95F-909C77B19"
I have achieved to print this layout in a old version of accounting.
Do you have an idea?

Sonja Altschuh

Hello Séverine,
thanks for your feedback, I reproduced the issue on 8.81 but not on 2007A and reported it to our Development team. To follow up on the issue, please contact [email=""][/email] with reference [url=""]CSPC-549[/url], repectively check our release notes to see if a fix for issue has been included.
Kind regards,


Friederike Mundt

The issue has been resolved for the next official release of coresuite country package (planned beginning of March). For customers who need a solution urgantly we can provide a hotfix of the coresuite designer with a solution.
Kind Regards,




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