Erfolgsrechnung nach Profitcenter Dimensionen

Ralf Apfel


ich habe unter Kostenrechnung mehrere Dimensionen eingerichtet und verschiedene Kostenstellen den einzelnen Dimensionen zugeordnet.

Leider erscheinen in der Erfolgsrechnung nach Profitcenter nur die Kostenstellen, die in der ersten Dimension sind.

Es scheint so, das in der Datenquelle "AccountCalc" nur die erste Dimension berücksichtigt wird.
Gibt es da schon einen Lösungsansatz?

Friederike Mundt

The datasource for the reports already supports multi-dimension introduced in SAP Business One version 8.81.

Therefore in order to diplay cost centers for different dimensions you only need to add a new parameter to the layoutdefinition with the following properties:

* Parameter: DimCode (Text)

* Description: [@T0060369]

* Design Param Value: [SELECT DimCode, DimName FROM ODIM WHERE DimActive = 'Y']

* Input Order: 16
Then you can select the corresponding dimension which will be displayed in the report.

This works for all reports which use the coresuite datasource "AccountCalc".
I have created a development request to include the parameter in the next release of coresuite accounting for all relevant standard reports.
Let me know if you have any questions.


Ralf Apfel

Hi Frederike,

sorry but now i can choose the dimension and a profitcenter but i get a empty Report. I looked in the designer and there is no field "DimCode" in the AccountCalc

may be I have an old DataSource AccountCalc.

My ProfitAndLostReport has the version 2.9201

Friederike Mundt

Hi Ralf

The data source was aldjusted in one of the last version. Please upgrade to 3.30 and test there.

It is a new parameter DimCode with default value 1 for the first Dimension.




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