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Hier eine Liste für den LinkedButton (oranger Pfeil)
The list for the LinkedButton (orange arrow)

No target object.-1
User-defined object.0
G/L account object.1
Business Partner object.2
Item object.4
Sales employee object.53
Transaction template.55
Journal Posting object.30
Loading Factor object.62
Recurring Transaction object.34
Product Tree object.66
Check for Payment object.57
Payment Terms object.40
Deposit object.25
Predated Deposit object.76
Warehouse object.64
Import File object.69
Budget System object.78
Sales Tax Authorities object.126
Sales Tax Codes object.128
Run External Application object.86
Due Date objects.71
User Defaults object.93
Financial Period object.111
Sales Opportunity object.97
Confirmation Level object.120
Confirmation Template object.121
Confirmation Document object.122
Draft object.112
Goods Issue object.60
Goods Receipt object.59
Project Code object.63
Contact object.33
Journal Voucher object.28
Profit Center object.61
Vendor Payment object.46
Receipt object.24
Quotation object.23
Order object.17
Delivery Note object.15
Delivery Note Return object.16
Invoice object.13
Invoice Credit Memo object.14
Purchase Order object.22
Goods Receipt PO object.20
Goods Return object.21
Purchase Invoice object.18
Purchase Invoice Credit Memo object.19
Correction Invoice object.132
Stock Transfer object.67
Work Instructions object.68
Alerts Template object.80
Special Prices object.85
Customer/Vendor Catalog Number73
Special Prices object.7
Serial Numbers for Items object.94
Item Batch Numbers object.106
User Valid Values object.110
User Display Categories object.114
Address Format object.113
Indicator object.138
Cash Discount object.133
Delivery Type object.49
VAT Group object.5
VAT Indicator object.135
Goods Shipment object.139
Expense Definition object.125
Credit Card object.36
Business Partner Central Bank Indicator object.161
Business Partner Bank Account object.187
Discount Code object.3
Block Payment object for vendors and customers.159
Agent Person object.177
Period Indicator object for document numbering.184
Holidays Table object.186
Employee object.171
Pre-defined Text object for sales and marketing documents.215
Territory (geographic location, brand, or item) object.200
SAP Business One User object.12
Production Order object.202
Bill of Exchange object.181
Bill of Exchange Transaction object.182
Address Pattern object.131
Account Segmentation Code object.143
File Format object.183
Stock Revaluation object.162
Inventory Pick List object.156
Dunning Term object.196
Service Contract object.190
Contract Template object.170
Install Base object.176
Service Call object.191
Service Call Solution object.189
Item Groups object.52
Package Type object.206
Sales Forecast object.198
Payment Method object.147
Withholding Tax object.178

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