Coresuite 4.0 - SwissPayment problems

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I upgraded the new Coresuite 4.0 on my system SAP Business One 8.82 PL13 last week. 

But since then, it's no more possible the user the Swiss Payment. (All the rest is going good).


The error "No External Documents Found" and "Method not found: 'Void SAPBobsCOM.IDocuments.set_AttachmentEntry(Int32)' is always Coming when I try to validate an invoice from the Record Payment Slips window.


I guess it's coming from the new "External Documents" windows on the left side of the Record Payment Slips and the new menu "Readsoft Integration" in the Swiss Payment configuration.


Can anyone help me solving this problem ?

Patrick Pribilovic



Thank you for your request.


We found the reason for this issue and we've created a Hotfix version of swissPayment which will be released today.


I hope I could help you with this information.





925 Interactive

Hello Patrick, 


Thanks for your answer. 


I did the upgrade right now, and now it works fine. Thanks for your fast reaction. 


Best regards






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