Urgent : SwissPayment don't run correctly

Bernhard Jonas


A user has a problem with the SwissPayment, at the last step of Wizard of payments when you click Run, BO generates the data and don't stop, and it doesn't answer. The problem appears only with one user. I already destroyed SM_OBS_DLL.

Thank you in advance for your help

Adrian Meier

Hi Jonas

Please document this failure with printscreens and attach it zo this thread. Please also give us the SAP version and the swissPayment version.

Best regards, Adrian

Bernhard Jonas

Hi Adrian,

The problem is that not error message, SwissPayment generates data and never finish (It doesn't answer).

The version of SwissPayment is 1.3.6733 and the version of BO is 2005 PL45

Thank you for your help


Adrian Meier

Hi Jonas

Import the attached file to your system. It is the verison for 2007 but it runs also on 2005. If it still dosen't work, please attach the coresuiteDebugLog.xml-File.

HTH, Adrian




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