Print after save service call


Thijs Geeris

When you set the option print after save for a service call this doesn't work. Is this supported for the servicecall in SBO?

Regards Thijs

Thijs Geeris

Anyone knows the answer to my question?

Martin Ehrensberger

Hi Thijs,
The print after save doesn't work for ServiceCalls, because SAP creates and saves a ticket, as soon you click on "new" in the menu (usually this is used in call-centers, where the ticket-numbers must be known as soon as possible).
So if you click on update, the ticket is allready saved and we don't get an add-event anymore.
But you could implement a workaround with customize, using FormType (ServiceCall 60110) of the servicecall and waiting for the Click-Event.
If you need for further assistance to implement the workaround with customize, please contact our support.
Regards Martin



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