Qty of labels in selectgrid


Thijs Geeris

I have the following question. Our customer wants to print itemlabels. From OITM they want to choose a selection of items to print (Itemcode from / to, mainsupplier, itemgroup).
From this selection they want to set for every item how many labels they want to print. Is this possible?
I started to create a query with a selectgrid that will be filled with the selection. In this selectgrid you have to fill out the number of labels you want for everyitem. At the end when you press print the quantity of itemlabels entered in the selectgrid will be printed. Is this solution possible?
See also screenshot.
I found also another forumtopic with the same topic but I do not see any solution in this topic.
Thanks. Regards Thijs

Thijs Geeris


Is there anyone who can help me with this question? Thanks.




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