Define print definitions for BP's

Thijs Geeris

I defined two printdefinitions for two layouts.
For example for printdefinition 1 I added customer C1000 en c1002 in the BP tab. For printdefinition 2 I added customer C1003 and C1004 in the BP tab.

When I add a order and press preview before adding the order I get the message "no printdefinition found". Even though I assigned the Business partner to a print definition. Why do I get this message?

Normally the document is saved as a draft and opent again. After that the preview opens.

Philipp Knecht

Hi Thijs

Please use copyqueries for that kind of use case.
The BP Tab is just a compatibility function for PLD and will be inactivated in one of next versions.
But neverthless is should work but maybe tehre is an issue with documents which are not saved. Does regular documents which are saved work as expected?




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