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James Clark

Good Evening

Is it possible to once a invoice is printed coresuite, check's one of the customers properties and if "Y" then it send a e-mail as defined in the printdefinition. i have got the system sending a e-mail, if the e-mail is checked but this is very manual and would like to automate it

Does anyone have an idea

Thanks in advance for any help given

Geri Grenacher

Here is an example how to send an E-Mail using Print After Save:
If GetData("LD.Par.AfterSave") = "Y" Then
If Data("B1_Data.DocumentEmployee.SlpCode") <> 0 Then
LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.ExecutePrintDef(GetData("LD.SysPar.PrintDefCode"), LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.OpenLayoutModes.Email, "DocEntry", GetData("LD.Par.DocEntry"))
End If
End If

James Clark

Hi Geri

This is great, works perfectly, but how can i add text to the body of the e-mail and add a subject??

i have this already setup on the print definition e-mail tab screen is there any way i can get coresuite to grab this once it renders?


Philipp Knecht

Hi james

Yes just change the settings on the email tab (From Address, etc...)
and make sure you are issuing exactly this PrintDef from your code.




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