Dunning Wizard with coresuite doesn't show all invoices

Giovanni Carletti

Dear Philipp,

Ive a problem: when customer run dunning wizard the first time is all right, but when he executes second time dunning wizard, it doesnt show any document.

I study the problem and find out that the problem is that
Inv6.DunWizBlck field is not set to N after dunning running, so there are some invoices that arent display in SAP.

I restored good database, deactivate swissaddon and repeat the same customer actions, and it works..

Customer has SBO 2005 PL45, we can arrange a webex if you want

Please tell me how we can solve it!

Sonja Altschuh

Dear Giovanni,

as we could confirm when testing together, the behaviour you reported is not related to the swissaddon/coresuite.

If you choose 'Print Dunning Letters and Exit' in Step 6 of 6 in the Dunning Wizard, having chosen a large number of Business Partners to be included in the Dunning Run, the actual Dunning Wizard might crash.
Sometimes this Dunning Run might still be saved under 'Saved Wizard', sometimes it might not appear anymore at all. The only indication that the documents were included would be that the field Inv6.DunWizBlck field is set to Y (as described in SAP Note 1153705).

The best practise to avoid this is either:

a) choose 'Execute Only, Print Later and Exit' when running the Wizard, and then call up Wizard from Saved Wizards and then print

b) ensure that you choose a max of 300 BPs per Dunning Wizard Run

Kind regards,


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