Strange behaviour

Jeroen Verbeek

Hi all,
A customer of ours has a new pc:
windows 7 pro 64 bit

16 gig

intel cor i7 3770 Cpu @3,40 GHZ
Whenever he uses Enterprise search and opens another sap form, this form is drwan into the enterprise search screen...

This is very strange and causes a lot of frustration at the customer.
Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this?
kind regards,
Jeroen Verbeek

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Jeroen,

this might be caused by some windows setting.
Please could you check if the system requirements are matching the customer system and the SAP Business One is a supported PL?

If the issue would still persist please get in touch with our support at
thank you

Bart De Cattelle

Dear Paolo/Jeroen,


We have the same problem.

Can you share us the solution for this problem?




We are also having this problem and have had for long time.


As great as the enterprise search is, as frustrating this problem is for our users.


This does affect both users with older hardware as well as those with new hardware.


Any idea what we could look for?


Not sure if this will help everyone but when I changed the setting for the screen I got better results.


Workaround:  From your desktop, right click and select "personalize". Check if you are using "Aero Themes" and try to change this to "Windows 7 basic"








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