Capture Report Subscription Event


I need to capture the date/time of most recent time (can be constantly overwritten) that my report subscription has emailed a document.


Here is the real world example:


We have a sales order that comes into our system via EDI.  We have some functionality that automatically adjusts delivery dates, ship dates, UDF's, etc. based upon predefined criteria.  It could take several minutes after the order comes in by the time the rules have been processed (it's on a timer).  I can write the query in the subscription to delay for 30 minutes and that will work just fine.  When the subscription runs and emails the document, I want that date/time stamp to be populated in a UDF on the document.  Taking the report subscription query one step further, I will then filter out anything that has a value in that UDF because it has already been emailed and not to email it again.  Now assume the order is modified...the customer adds another item or something...I now have a timestamp in the ADOC table that is greater than the date/time field we just populated when the report subscription ran last.  I'll take the report subscription one final step further to capture this scenario.


That was the here's the do I configure a rule to populate the UDF on the sales order when the report subscription emails that order?  Thanks in advance.


I've tried using the canned "DOC:0023: Add timestamp to UDF when printing order" rule, but it doesn't appear to work for me.  I simply created a UDF with the same name that the rule says it will write to and enabled the rule, but it doesn't appear to do anything.  Is there any other setup required that's not indicated within the editor?




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