Grid Configurator Open by Menu problem with parameter

Myriam CARRE

Hi All,


I have created a grid configurator open by menu. 

The Query use two parameters.

The first one is linked to a CFLs or a dropdown list  ( I try both) but none works for long(>10 char)  selected code.

I use the Designer syntax CFLs and try 2 ways of selection

For CFL 


, isnull(T0.[Name],'')  FROM [dbo].[@myUSERTABLE]}  T0}

Only the first 10 characters are written back to the window  see attached image 


For the drop-down list


, isnull(T0.[Name],'')  FROM [dbo].[@myUSERTABLE]  T0]

If the code selected is longer than 10 nothing is written back !


 The same works fine in designer!!


Any idea?


Thanks a lot for your help

Myriam CARRE

Sorry i forgot !!

i use SAP Business One 9.0 (9.02.240) PL: 14  (32-bit)


and customizer  in 4.60.21323




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