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Hello Forum,


I want to create an AddIn for Coresuite. I need some rules. What is the best way to deliver this rules togehter with my sip file?

I could write a manual and the user has to import the Cocu files manually. Or is it possible to load the rules while the IModule.install() function is executed? How can I do that? Or is there a third way?






Paolo Manfrin

Hi Martin,

see below:


Structure of the .sip

For such .sips that needs a customize rule to work together inside the .sip itself create a folder COR_Customize/COCU .

Inside the folder COR_Customize/COCU there should be the .cocu rule that needs to be installed in the system.

Inside the folder COR_Customize/DLL the user should put the .dll that should be loaded at startup.

The user can also decide to leave the dll into the main folder.

In both cases the dll should contain an IModule interface as it will become important later on.

Structure of the .cocu

The .cocu rule should contains the following xml tags

  • dependency: tells that the rule is dependent by a certain GUID * A rule specifying a GUID will be loaded in memory only if the .sip having such GUID has been loaded into memory.

  • rule_id: unique identifier of the rule. * This is necessary because if we load a new version of the .sip or the .rule we will overwrite the original one. If someone wants to preserve the changes he should copy the rule (which will copy the dependencies but not the rule id)


As a reference have a look at the "coresuite Pingen integration" sip you find in the download area ;-)





Thanks for the example, I will try it :)




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