Adding a UDT to SPP1 via UDT Handler

Heiko Merz

Hello all together,


I have a problem and need a solution: As it is not possible to add UDF's to SPP1 (whyever ??? still not in SBO 9.1), I have created a separate UDT (CardCode, Itemcode, Price, FromDate, ToDate, ...., U_CalcFr, U_CalcFrBase).


The UDT should be opened via UDT Handler when you highlight a line in "Period Discount" and right-click --> Works.


This UDT should be filled with Cardcode from OSPP, Itemcode, FromDate, ToDate and Price from SPP1 automatically when being opened with right-click. These fields should then be uneditable.


Also the 2 new fields (U_xxx) should be available and editable, so users can enter values, Update and These values are saved in the UDT.


In a another temporary UDT, I have filled 1 row with the current cardcode and itemcode, as this is not available in the "Period Discounts" window. So I can take these 2 values from this UDT in a query.


Now I created the UDT Handler and right-click works fine, but, and here is the big question: How can I bring the values from a SQL Query into this new grid ???? I have no idea how to do that.


In my attached Image, you see what I currently have:


Window 1: Period Discounts Standard window.

Window 2: Calculated Freight... result when I rightclick the line 1 in window 1. This is showing up my UDT.

Window 3: My temporary table.


The arrows Show which values should be taken over to which fields in my UDT.


I hope you understand where my problem is. If not just let me know and I will try to answer all questions to that.


Anyone an idea ?


Thanks for everyting.






Anders Olsson

Hello Heiko,


You cannot bring values directly from an SQL query to a UDT Handler form. But what you can do is to write customize rules (optimizer, function button) on a UDT Handler form. In the optimizer rule you can use SQL of course. So a solution might be to write a rule on FormLoadCompleted that fills in the values.







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