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Hello Forum,


I want to write a Coresuit Optimizer Rule. Therefor I need some data from the DB. With the mouse hovering a textbox, I could get the nme of the Table and the column, but I need the connection tables too. Is there an overview that shows how the tables are connected? Maybe some kind of documentation?






Paolo Manfrin

Hi Martin,

you can install the SAP Business One SDK component. This will install as well the SAP Business One "SDK Help Center" which shows you the different tables in the database and the Primary Key / Foreign Key to other tables.

Is not extremely complete but a good help.





I will take a look, thanks for the hint.

Btw. I have looked a little bit in the DB, it seems that there are only some primary keys and no forign keys.

This is a database from the 70's*g*

Paolo Manfrin

That's it Martin. The Foreign Key are not "real" key put in place in the db but only "on paper" that means they are documented in B1 manual... that's it :-)




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