Grid Configurator Rule on Add event of sales document




I have created a Sales History query and displayed it on a new tab of the Sales Quotation using the Grid Configurator. This works well for Sales Quotations already added to the system, but doesn't work when adding a new Sales Quotation. Is there a form mode option for Grid Configurator like optimizer rules? 







Paolo Manfrin

HI Reza,

the problem is that the new tab is populated only when browsing and then the information are loaded into the form.

A possible solution would be to implement your grid configurator as right click on the form. Doing that you are actually triggering the execution and as long as you have a cardcode the information will be displayed.



Andreas Schlingmann


I have the same problem - and Paolo's solution does not work eighter. Same problem - parameter is not filled. Anyone a solution?

Anders Olsson

Hi Reza, Andreas,


Paolo is right in that a grid configured to be displayed in a tab only executes on FormDataLoad (i.e. when browsing the form). I tested his workaround - to execute the grid by right click and it works fine. You would have to change the configuration from "Display as New Tab" to "Open by Right-Click on Form" to enable this.


If it still doesn't work, please attach the rule.




Andreas Schlingmann

Dear Anders,


my rule works fine - as a TAB or via right-click.

Via right-click it works, but systems asks me for the parameter (cardCode), even if it is filled into the form.


Attached then rule... (it takes some time to find out, that a grid configuration without an ID is not importable :))



Anders Olsson

Hi Andreas,


I could reproduce this. Designer parameters are not resolved in Add/Find mode. I have scheduled a fix for the next release. Refer to CSC-920 in the changelog.


In the meantime there is a workaround. Easy Function parameters are not affected by this, so change Parameter Syntax to Easy Function.

Create the parameter like this: $[$4.0.0]


Also change [%CardCode] in the query to $[$4.0.0]. Should work fine.







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