Roberto Marra

Dear all,

I trying to use Coresuite Customize to create some action when the user press the button "ADD" over a new invoice. Now, since my idea is to create a form with the essential info the user need I would like to avoid all of the pop-windows that open by itselft before invocing. I thought that I can use the ExecuteSAPEvent = false; but I don't have the object Event.


This rule is made on form 133 on action VALIDATE on the event ItemPressed. There is a way to get the ItemPressed event


Thank you in advance

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Roberto,

I would suggest you to use the EventLogger to check exactly to which event you want to react.

Keep in mind that you need to intercept the BeforeEvent otherwise the afterEvent is too late.

See attached screenshot. [attachment=445:ItemPressed.png]



Roberto Marra

Hi Paolo,

and thx for your prompt reply, Actually I never saw that event logger windows, but is true that I started right now to use more deeply Coresuite customize.

Yes, I intercept the BeforeEvent on the ItemPressed.


Anyway, still I don't get it. I mean, now I can control with

if(pVal.EventType == SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED){..}


but how can I say ExecuteSAPAction = false if these method needs an Event derived class?




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