SwissPayment Manual


Hello all,

I'm a consultant italian-speking, and I'd like to improve my knowledge in SwissPayment.

I'm looking for manual in italian/English language regarding the last version of this program but I found only in german language.


"" version 3.90


Some one can sugest me where can I find the manual?


Thank in advance.

Beat Meier



as SwissPayment was targeted for Swiss people, the manual was only available in German, French and Italian. Unfortunately, as you noticed, the Italian manual is quite old. We are working on a new manual covering the newest swissPayment version, but when this will be translated I can't say yet.


Nevertheless, you should be able to improve your knowledge even with the Italian manual:


Most of the printscreens might not be up to date, but from the logic side it is still working the same.







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