Use coresuite lay out designer to send html mails

Erik Hamers

Based on a sap document (eg activity or service call) i want to use coresuite designer to send mails. This mail should not be an attached lay out but the text from the document combined with a html body. Ideally i wouild like to see a preview before sending.

Is this possible wwith the designer ?


Philipp Knecht

Hi Erik

You can use Htm in Emails if you are using:

- Outlook as a client
- Smtp

Both Modes are configurable with prompting (preview of the mail)

You have to build up a dynamic Body with SQL Statement(s) and leave the Documents Tab of the Printdefinition empty.

This way you can get an email without attachment and wit an dynamic body
(eg. Select CardName FROM OINV Where DocEntry = [%DocEntry])


Erik Hamers

dear Philippe,

thanks for the tips and direction. We will work on this to find solutions.





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