How to print querie based with a User field

Christophe FOLLIET

I create a querie like this.
SELECT T1.DocNum, T1.DocStatus, T1.Printed, T1.DocDate, T1.DocDueDate, T1.CardCode, T1.CardName, T1.U_MTF001, T2.U_MTF004, T1.GroupNum, T1.OwnerCode, T0.ItemCode, T0.Dscription, T0.Quantity, T0.unitMsr, T0.Price, T0.LineTotal FROM RDR1 T0 INNER JOIN ORDR T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry FULL OUTER JOIN [@MTF002] T2 ON T1.U_MTF001=T2.U_MTF001 AND T1.CardCode=T2.U_MTF002 WHERE T1.U_MTF001='[%0]' ORDER BY T2.U_MTF004

When I want to create a query paramter in the Swiss LD Windows Table , What I Have to enter in the field Item Id like you can see n your doc page 25??

Philipp Knecht


It's important to remember that every Parameter you use in Queries has to be defined first in the swissLD - Parameter Form.(Tools/Userdefined Object/Default Forms)
So it's not very good to name it [%0]. Please use an more speaking Expression like [%FirmID] or so.
After that you have to define FirmID within the swissLD Parameter Form.
If it's an simple User Query just for Reporting Purposes this is all you have to do -> There is no need for the ItemID Field in this case.
If this Parameter is connected to Form you also have to enter the Item ID and link it with the valid FormTypes (->Documentation)




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