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How To change value of a locked item via optimizer code



  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Hi Christian,

    it would be possible to open the formsettings via optimizer.

    Then you can unlock the fields you need.
    Do some stuff, like changing the itemcodes and after that you can lock the fields again.

    regards Lothar

  • Birkholtz Christian

    Hi Lothar,

    I didn't explain correctly -- the items is locked by coresuite function (Locked Items) in extended code (so it prevents the click). 

    But I did another solution meanwhile (locked it directly in NewItems and did an alternative search method - that's why I didn't lock it via NewItems in the first place, because than the user is not able to search by this Item either)


    Kind Regards


  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Hi Christian

    thank you for your reply. If you found another solution it is fine as well as you are satisfied ;-)

    regards Lothar


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