Item placement does not work properly for one user

Hello, we have realised some item placement rules in one administration. For one user however fileds are not shown properly: they are on the screenborders or even go beyond the borders. For all other users it works properly. How can we fix that? The problem occurs too when this user does login at a computer of the other users. It makes no difference whether the screen is on maximumsize or adapted size.

Jos Dielemans



  • Hi Jos

    According to the Screenshot, it looks like this user may have a larger font size set than the standard size 10 in his / her individual user profile. Is that possible?

    Using a larger font size or different font than Tahoma can lead to various display issues.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards


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  • Hello Bryan, I've tried various settings of the font size but the problem remained.

    I finally solved the problem by copying the form settings of another user to this user.

    Thanks for your suggestion !

    Jos Dielemans

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