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ShipTo Adresse



  • Partnermanagement Team

    Hi dearest Tetiana,

    Many thanks for your comment.
    Starting from 2024 we no longer do consulting services and therefore can not work on a implementation with you.

    Thank you for your understanding and best of luck.

    Kindest regards,


  • Daniel Ebi


    try something like that:

    If Left(KopfLinks("ShipToCode"), 1) = "*" Then
     shipToAdr = KopfLinks("CardName")
     shipToAdr = KopfLinks("ShipToCode")
    End If

    Kind regards


  • S. Dietze

    Hello. Did you find a solution for your request?

    I would not validate the condition this way, but recommend use some clear and obvious setting. Use an UDF on Document header with valid values: print CardName, print ShipToCode. Make it Required and without default value, so it must be set expicitly per Document.
    Why : Do not assume all users are setting the prefix on the address id correctly always, they do not. They will forget it or do not know or whatever. 

    Then evaluate this UDF. Everyone can see and understand in the SAP client why the print shows this or that. That idea using asterisk prefix is prone to user error and it is nowhere recognizable without much effort and will lead into trouble sooner or later. 

  • Stefan Ressel

    Hi Tetiana,

    based on years of experience, I cannot recommend this route. I would recommend that the customer always use the "Address2" field for the business partner name.

    On the one hand, the “ID” field can be changed and, on the other hand, this character should not be used for master data.

    In addition, the ID should clearly show the user which address they select, e.g. DE-12345 Berlin - Meier AG - Plant 1. The address is then always printed from the data in table RDR12. 

    A little tip: Block the entry of the address via the window and only allow entry in the document via the mask.

    Kind regards


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