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Force Reinstallation of Designer Module



  • S. Dietze

    Hello, you could try: What is the version of SBO you run? Do you use the lightweight Addon installer? If yes and if you run v10, log in the extension manager, go to company assignment and tick the box Force install.
    If that doesn’t trigger the install process after login, close the client, go to Programs folder, SAP, addons, and rename or delete the COR folder. This should trigger the installer running for all modules. If you don’t use Lightweight installer but still the old ARD version, I would recommend remove this in the client and upload the LW package in extension manager. Also for updates, don’t use the sip update function in coresuite administration or the CAA tool, always replace the LW package with the new version in the extension manager, we found this way to be most reliable. Take this recommendation with no guarantee, only if you know what you do, if you have backups and know how to restore, first try this with test database of course. In doubt you should let your SAP partner solve this, since they charge you yearly service fees for coresuite also :)

  • Andre Seiss


    thanks for your tips, we had tried all of these. We could finally solve it with help from support. Problem was a network path in General Settings -> Extensions folder that was not accessible by our admin users and seems to have interrupted the setup process that creates new UDFs and UDTs.


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