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Page counting only for page1



  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Hi Maximilian,

    I'm not sure if I understand you right.

    You could use the visible-Flag 

    regards Lothar

  • Maximilian Frohberg

    Hi Lothar,

    it's not about visible-Flag. All pages are displayed under certain criteria I set this via GenerateScript of doc1 .

    For example:
    A Purchase Order with 3 pages is printed.
    The data for this comes from page1. Page2-page8 is also printed (legal agreement). Designer counts all pages e.g. page 1 of 10, but only the pages of the purchase order page 1 of 3 should be counted.

    thanks and greetings

  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Hi Max,

    so than i have no really nice clue. It seems that you have to count the pages on your own like the running sum in the DocDin-Layout

    regards Lothar


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