How to recover Coresuite?


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I shot down Coresuite: I was trying to exchange the columns in the offer form. I made a right click in the grid and tried some options. Now coresuite ist gone: No optimizer rules are active, if I do a right click on a form, all Coresuite related entries are gone, I cannot open the "Coresuite Administration" -> "Administration" dialog. In the Add-ons -> Add On Manager dialog I can see that coresuite is connected. Nothing more. I have already done a windows restart, but it didnt helped.


The SAP System Messages:


I cant remember the error "Error while creating a form object, form already exist" from the ContractOne Addon

But I have done nothing with this Addon the last days: No update, or reinstall. The message appears when I restart Coresuite from within the Add-On-Manager Dialog. If I restart SAP B1, no error messages appear in the system log.


The Problem exists for every SAP Installation: Coresuite ist gone.


If I reinstall Coresuite, will all rules, table definitions/extensions, etc be gone? Can I save them somehow? Currently I have no admin access on the database.






Anders Olsson

Hi Martin,


I doubt that you will have to reinstall coresuite. If you do, tables will not disappear, it's a safe thing to do.

From your screenshot it seems that the error comes from the ContractOne addon and could be the reason that other addons (i.e. customize) don't start properly.

Try disabling ContractOne and try again. Does coresuite start? If it does, investigate what's going on in the PreInstall method.

If you need assistance with this, contact support.





Over night, the system has recovered magically.


Yesterday: Neither me or my colleagues (on a different computer) could open a single dialog that has something to do with coresuite. We couldnt execute a rule or open the coresuite administration dialog.

Today all went normal: Coresuite rules are working again and we can administer coresuite. Maybe the database or SAP has done some recovery tasks over night.



In my opinion the error has nothing to do with Contract one. I was trying to exchange columns on the Offer Form when the error occurs.




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