Develop an Addin: Which DLLs should I use?


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I'm looking at the COR_DotNetForms example. In this addin is a .net form with a button and two textboxes shown. (I want to develop a similar addin.) If I execute the project, the form, the textboxes and the button appear in SAP B1. The function myForm.InitComponents() is called by SAP/Coresuite. (This function creates the controls and adds them to the form.)


Now I create my own addin and add the source code line from the COR_DotNetForms example. Execute the addin -> Only the form is shown. InitComponents() isnt called and if I call it manually, the buttons and textboxes appear either not on the form. Why?


The only difference between both projects is that the COR_DotNetForms example uses older versions of SAPbobsCOM.dll, SAPbouiCOM.dll, Loader.dll, SwissAddonFramework.dll.

For example: SAPbobsCOM.dll in the version


Currently I'm using SAP B1 9.0 PL11 32 Bit. So my addin uses the dlls from the coresuite homepage for SAP 9.0 and PL11 in the 32 bit version. If I exchange the DLLs with the older versions, my addin works. Or the other way around: If I put the PL11 Dlls into the COR_DotNetForms example folder, the example only shows the form, without controls.


So my guess is that the different DLLs sets are not thoroughly tested?






Fiona Shao

Hi Martin,

please come to our and attach debuglog file to us. then we could analysis what is the issue on that.






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