Connection string doesn't match UI Development work mode [66000-83]


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I want to install a development system. It should be complete seperated from the productive system. I have install Windows Server 2012 (64 Bit), MSSQL 2012 und SAP B1 9.0 (32 Bit Client, but 64 Bit client throws the same error). After starting B1 the first time since the B1 Client Computer restarts I get the following error Connection string doesn't match UI Development work mode [66000-83]


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The B1 Addon manager says that Coresuite failed loading. But If I start Coresuite manually it works. But in the Coresuite Message box in the right lower corner, some messages are sying something about installation. But the Corsuite starting prozess with "installation" doesnt take longer than the normal startup in the productive system. How can I fix the error?


The error does not occur if I restart the Server VM. It only appears when I restart the VM with the B1 client installation. And it only happens the first start of B1/Coresuite. If I only restart B1, the error doesnt appear, Coresuite starts without errors.


Edit: Last week I reset my VM to an earlier snapshot. I only installed the 32 Bit Versions of the B1 Client, but the error stays. I startet B1 with admin rights, the error stays...









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