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we are thinking on working with Coresuite. We have a running SAP One installation without customisation. In the country_package_DE.pdf is written about a 30 trial periode. I have tried to install Coresuite into a SAP B1 31 days trail installation, but it doesnt work. After downloading the coresuite license and starting coresuite manually, the messages said that the licence for the modules are expired? Coresuite is "running" but everything is disabled. In the Administration menu are new options, but except this B1 hasnt changed. So there is no possibility to test coresuite on the SAP B1 demo database?


I'm a normal .net Programmer and I want to add some functionallity. My company needs to import data from Excel files. For example I have to read product manufacturing lists from a Excel file and fill the relevant informations to B1 forms. Is this possible with Coresuite? Reading the Excel file I can do myself, but can Coresuite open a B1 product list form and insert data into the textboxes? And this could be done with C# code, I dont have to learn any script language?



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To your second question: Yes, with Coresuite you can open the B1 forms and fill them with data from your .net application. The Scripts within Coresuite are C#.




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