Windows8 Support by CoreSuite?



since our first customers installed new PCs with Windows8 and SAP plans to support it by Business One in Q1/2013 I am wondering when there will be a version of CoreSuite supporting Windows8.

At the monent we can print documents using CoreSuite Desinger on that station but enterprise Search and Customizer are not available.

Best regards

Andreas Bockelmann

Sonja Altschuh

Hi Andreas,

I created a message for SAP the other day, asking as to when they will actually start supporting Windows8, and I got the following reply:


28.01.2013 14:18 Reply to Reporter by SAP

Hi Sonja,

Development currently targets to support SQL 2012 and Windows 8 before the end of Q1 2013 as you mentioned. However, we will not communicate an exact date until we are certain that we can deliver. Thi s is why we are currently not communicating any specific date. They are not supported currently.

Please keep checking the B1 Supported Platform Overview -

As a rule of thumb, if Microsoft, for example, releases a new database version or operatingsystem for general availability, it usually takes approx. six months until we (not just B1 but SAP in general ) announce an official support statement.

Kind Regards,

Damien Hanrahan

SAP Business One Product Support


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