A/R Invoice HS :(

Jérôme Bézanger

Hello, I have personalized DOC0009 (DIN FR) for one of my customers.

I have replaced some T000xx fields in SWA_LT_TEXT, and everything was OK.

But since I have updated Coresuite from 244 to 250 (I have installed French Accounting reports too), the personnalized fields doesn't appear anymore on the template : they have been replaced by other strings... For instance, on an A/R Invoice, we can see "Order of Production" and no more what I put in T007001 in SWA_LT_TEXT.......

What's the matter ?

Any idea ?

Jérôme Bézanger

Hello again.

I'm sure it's an update which has broken my A/R Income Documents.

But without such an update, it is properly impossible to set up the FR Accounting Reports.......

With an old version (1.577) which seems not requiring any sort of update, it does'nt work :

"Error in Package c:.....COR.....cor_ld_packageaccountingfr_ldpack.xml : l'attribut "validcountries" isn't declared.

Thanks for your help.

Yann Staehli

Hi Jérôme,
Please pass through the following steps to get your personnalized texts back:
1. Go to the temp folder --> Execute: %temp%
2. In the menu of SAP go to: Administration/Add-ons/coresuite designer/config and in the Text-tab choose the language french.
3. Click on the import button in this window
4. insert the path of the temp folder which you got in 1.
5. in the temp folder open the SWALD folder, followed by the folder with the company name. Then open backups and you'll find xml files called e.g. TEXT20090403.
6. import the XML file with the date of the personnalized texts.

Jérôme Bézanger

Hi Yann,

Thanks for your answer : now it is OK :)



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