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Philipp Knecht

Please read the following Q&A before posting into the forum. If you have a question or update for a Q&A please feel free to post a message into this thread.


General questions
Where do I find the search function of this forum?

You will find it in the top right corner in this page. We recommend to search after string like "connect" or "not start" which are parts of an error message to find good results. If you want to use more advanced search functions you can click on the icon next to the search.

How do I get support and how do I get in contact with the coresystems ag support team?

Please take a look at our support homepage: [url="http://www.coresystems.ch/support"]www.coresystems.ch/support[/url].

What files do i need to send to the support?

Press Ctrl & Save(Floppy) in the Preview window to create a support package. Be sure to use a preview which in fact shows the problem.

You'll have better chances for a fast solution if you already break down the problem to it's minimum in the layout.



Saving of Parameters/Layouts/Printdefs does not work?

If you have an OK Statusmessage then please check your coresuite connection string.

To reset it you can go to the usertable SWA_SWA_CONF and delete the entry in the column U_ConStr.

If you have an Statusmessage like "Define Document Numbering..." then there went something wrong with the UDO installation.

In this case you have to reinstall all the data like follows (loosing changes!):

  • Stop coresuite
  • Go to the installfolder of coresuite designer (\SAP\SAP Business One\AddOns\COR\coresuite\SWA_LD\0995)
  • Open the file settings.xml with notepad and change it to <start value="Del"/> and save it back.
  • Restart coresuite and it'll prompt you for reinstall which you should accept by clicking "OK"
  • Change the value in the settings.xml file back to "Y"

There are no queries created?

If there are no queries installed proceed as follows:

  • Stop coresuite
  • Open the table SWA_LD_MAIN with Enterprise Manager and change the value in the column U_Version to 0
  • Start Administration/Utilities/Restore/Restore Numbering File
  • Restart coresuite


Printing functions

The printing functions are disabled, how can i use them anyway?

You'll find an alternative menu under tools/print/. Those functions are always available.

How to use PLD besides coresuite designer?

Have in mind that you can deactivate existing Printdefinitions by clicking on the Pen and then set the status to "inactive".

Or you can always reach the underlying printengine by pressing Shift together with the Function you wish.

Emailing a document doesn't work?

Got to the underlying printdefinition by clicking the Pen.

Check if "Email" is checked and if you have set at least an export format type under the tab "Email/Fax".

Outlook doesn't get opened when emailing?

Check if Send Mode is "0" and if you have the Primary Interop Assemblies installed (PIA).

You can download them for your specific Office Version from Microsoft.

I don't want to open pdf/rtf/xls after generating

Got to the underlying printdefinition by clicking the Pen.

Go to the tab "Extended Definition" and uncheck "Open Export"

How can i export to other formats?

Open the preview window and use the export function from there.

How can i Fax a document directly?

At the moment we are only aware of one solution. It's working together with "Tobit Faxware". You need an additional coresuite module called "Tobit Connector" to make it work.

Contact our sales department for further information on this module.

Please be aware that you can also fax through email gateways. You can find providers on the internet.

How can i choose printer prior printing?

In Versions > 1.67 you can use a Checkbox in the Printer-Tab in the layoutdefinition.


Please have in mind that you have a very flexible printer determinition configuration in the Layoutdefinition form.

If you don't like to use that you can also choose your printer when printing from the preview form (printer icon on preview form)

or by defining multiple Printdefinitions with different FreeText Tags

How can i print a defined list of documents?

Besides of using the default document printing features you can use so called Select Grids.

You can even do scheduled printjobs by using the batchprinting feature.

There are best practises available for this and more features:


Document / Select Grid / Batchprinting does not work ?

Document Printing be it from Select Grid or Batchprinting uses the column "Copies M." in the Printdefinition. Please check if you have entered a value there.



Where can i get support for charts & instruments?

For any questions related to charts & instruments you are allowed to contact the manufacturer directly. Please send your questions to support [at] perpetuumsoft.com and use a subject like "SAP RSS : My Question..."

Why does my databand not have a "+" sign when looking in the datasource tree?

That's because there is no datasource assigned to the databand.

I've inserted a DataBand but it always repeats the same values?

Check that you get your data inside the band by using dataBand("...") and not GetData("...").

Why is the Space not occupied by following elements when an element is set to visible = false?

It's best to just put single shrinkable/growable Elements into separate Details and put a visible binding on the Detail itself.

How can i render multiple databands side by side (saving space)?

Just put an Side By Side Element on the template.

Then put your DataBands into that Side by Side Element.

How can i create an multicolumn report?

There is a Columns Property in the Databand.

As a sample you may use the preinstalled SWA_LD_CodeTextList Template.

How can i layout for example labels from left to right (4 columns)?

There is a sample attached to the following [url="http://forum.coresystems.ch/topic/1136-drucken-von-etiketten-von-links-nach-rechts/"]thread[/url].

How can i make a Grid which always spans to page bottom

There is a sample attached to the following [url="http://forum.coresystems.ch/topic/3140-create-a-graphic-grid/"]thread[/url].

How can i mix landscape and portrait orientation in one report?

You can add multiple pages to an template. In the Page properties you then can set the orientation.

PageSums / Page Breaks are not correct?

If you have set your layout to DoublePass = true then make the following check:

  • Set the Property AlignBottom of the DocumentFooter Databand to false
  • Set the Document to DoublePass = false and Print it out
  • Set it back to DoublePass = true and Print it out
  • Compare the two outputs and find where they differs.

!! -> It's important that the rendering height in 1st and 2nd Pass is the same!!

How can i repeat a row (eg. label printing) ?

This has to be specified in the query already. For example to repeat a row Quantity - times you would write: SELECT T0.*, T0.Quantity AS @@RepeatRow FROM RDR1 T0

How can i set the Nr. of copies on printerlevel (eg. label printing) ?

In Versions > 1.81 you can use an additional column in the Printdefinition called Job Option. Set it to Driver Copy

How can i group the DIN Layout by Summary Type (eg. Document)?

You can use the snippet attached in he following [url="http://forum.coresystems.ch/topic/1510-summary-type-by-items/"]thread[/url].

Just cut out the whole DocumentRow DataBand and replace it with the snippet.

How to handle high res logos?

Please do not include logos bigger than +- 2 MB.

Saving will take a long time and even may result in corruption of the record.

Instead use the dynamic Path Property of the AdvancedPicture Element.

My template got lost, can i recover somehow?

Go to your %temp%/swald - folder. There you will find a folder for each company. Inside the company folder you'll find a backup folder. There you can find a backup of your layout (Saved every minute when the designer is running)

Make Pages Invisible?

You can access the Visible Property of Pages by Script like : page1.Visible = False

Please put your code where you enable/disable the Pages into the Generatescript of the document.



What is this @@RDR1 for?

To reuse queries across different marketing documents (they always have the same structure) we have used this placeholders.

They will be replaced at runtime with the corresponding Replace - Part from the Formtype Definition.

How can i extend/change predefined datasources?

You can always add your own queries to the datasource tab in the layoutdefinition.

If you would like to relate your result to an existing one (eg. extending the existing Row query with your own serialnumbers) then proceed as follows in the Layoutdefinition:

  • Select Document:Row in Query1
  • Select your own Query in Query2
  • Link them by using Link1, Link2 and take care to use existing columns.
  • Open the designer and check the structure in the datasource tree

If you just would like to overwrite an existing query then you can create your own and name it like the one to overwrite and add it in the datasources tab. Add the following section to your query

/* @@Overwrite */

You can save your query also whith whatever name you like. But then you have to extend the overwrite definition like

/* @@Overwrite @@Name=[Row] */

To determine which name to use just open the designer and open the B1_Data - Tree. All the tablenames here correspondent to the querynames.

How to use ChooseFromList Parameters {} correctly in the Query?

If you have an selection like all or some ItemCodes for example formulate your WHERE Clause like this:

....WHERE ( T1.ItemCode IN ('[%ItemCode]') OR '[%ItemCode]' = '' )



Why do i get messages like : "can not cast to numeric value" ?

This is because you have a script which accesses a datasourcefield which is DBNull (Nothing) or just the wrong type. If you are pulling the data with GetData("...") then you simply can use Data("...") to resolve this. When working with DataBand (eg. dataBand1("Value")) or Data("...") then the following conversion is done automatically for you:

  • Column Type String and Field is DBNull -> Value = ""
  • Column Type Numeric and Field is DBNull -> Value = 0
  • For Colum Type Date there is no automatic conversion.

How to print a pdf parallel to my document ?


How do i attach additional files to my document?

If it's only one attachment the just use the following script in the GenerateScript of the Template:

If Not Engine.IsDoublePass Then
End If

If you for example would like to make an attachment per itemrow you have to locate the GetData-Script on the DataBand. There you write:

If Not Engine.IsDoublePass Then
End If

How can i start a script [u]after[/u] printing a document?

You can use one of the following EventHandlers:

  • AfterPrintOrPreview
  • AfterMailOrFax
  • AfterExport

Example AfterPrintOrPreview:

GenerateScript of the Template:

If Not Engine.IsDoublePass  Then
AddHandler LD.AfterPrintOrPreview, AddressOf AfterPrintOrPreview
End If

CommonScript of the Template:

Private Sub AfterPrintOrPreview()
If GetData("LD.Par.PrintMode") = "N" And GetData("LD.Par.Preview") = "N" Then
MsgBox("Hello from AfterPrintOrPreview")
End If
End Sub

With Versions bigger than 1.72 you can check the GetData("LD.SysPar.Printed") Parameter in the event.

In Version starting from 3.00 you may also use the new coresuite customize optimizer events (designer layout, printdef, queue)

It contains the Printjobname if the document was sent to the spooler sucessfully.

What functions are available?

coresuite designer uses VB.NET as its default language.

.NET itself contains thousands of functions which can be used on specific objects. For example to check what functions can be used on a string (text) just type:


Then you will get a list of all valid functions for the type string.

I don't see the LayoutHelper (LD.) Functions anymore?

Thats because you did not add "LayoutHelper" to the Import Section of the Template Properties.

How to print serialnumbers in one line?



coresuite designer & Business One

I've set the generic setting that BOM of type Sales shouldn't get printed but they are still printed?

Well since 2005 and 2007 have different possibilities to make this settings (in 2007 you also can do it on BOM - Level) here the script for the visible properties in the DIN Layout (DOC0008) when using the generic case:

AND  (DocumentRow("TreeType") <> "I" OR GetData("B1_Data.Company.TreePricOn") = "N")

Add it to the following Details:

  • DocumentRow
  • DocumentRowAlternativ
  • DocumentRowItemCode
  • DocumentRowUserText

Please have in mind to put parentheses around the existing expression to keep the logic.

I get a message that Print after save is also set in Business One?

Because Print after save is handled by Business One also you have to uncheck them in the B1 Settings when it is checked in the Printdefinition.

Dunning Wizard Status is not set to printed

Copy the scripts from Common - and Generatescript into your template. Be sure to use a DunningLetter Template >= 1.18.

Custom Size Labels do not Print correctly/Applies also for Matrixprinters (Endlos Formulare)

Because coresuite designer has no printer information saved in the layout itself the correct Papersize gets evaluated by comparing the PaperKind Property of the Page with the current one found on the Printerdriver.

So if you have defined a Custom Label format in the designer ensure that there is also an Format called "Custom" with the same width and height settings , like in the CustomSize Property, in the Printerdriver.



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