Item Code Increase with dynamic prefixes?




I am hoping to find a way to increase our Item Code Number according to certain rules. Perhaps someone can help me or point me in a direction.


Our Item Codes follow this standard.

Sample Item Code = 118920000001


1 189 20 000001

a  bcd ef  ghijkl

  • abcdef is the prefix

  • ghijkl are the increasing suffix numbers for the specific prefix

This is how we want to generate our code.


Inventory Master Data


for value a:

a = 7 - if Item Group (OITM.ItmsGrpCod) = '102'


a = 1 -  If the Country (CRD1.Country) of OITM.CardCode <> 'ZA'


a = 3


for value bcd:

bcd = OITM.CardCode (first 3 digits) - from Preferred Vendor


for value ef:

ef = OITG.ItmsTypCod (from Inventory Master Data Properties, if Property Code = only 1 digit, we need a 0 in front e.g 01,02,03 - 10, 11 etc.)


for value ghijkl:

ghijkl = 000001 (auto increase digits for all relevant prefixes)


So what we are hoping to do is -

  • Open a New Item Master Data Record.

  • Select the Item Group.

  • Select the Preferred Vendor.

  • Select an Item Property.

  • Have a trigger.

Then the Item Code auto generate the prefix and the next available suffix numbers for that prefix.


Is this possible, any help or suggestions?


Thanks!  :)




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