Zip Code in Address?


I'm trying to get the value of the zipcode in the address in business.

When I look at the properties on the field, it is coming up as a Matrix item: ITEM 178, COLUMN 5, ROW 1.


Here is what I have:

string zipCode = Matrix.GetFromUID(pVal.Form,"178").GetValue("5",1);

StatusBar.WriteWarning("DEBUG - Zip: " + zipCode);


For some reason the above does nothing, if I hand set zipCode to something like 12345, it will write correctly. I assume there is an error happening it's not telling me about and it isn't getting a value from the matrix?


Any tips are appreciated.


Anders Olsson

Hi Tim,


Row index is 0 based so this will work:


string zipCode = Matrix.GetFromUID(pVal.Form, "178").GetValue("5", 0);


I know it's confusing: System Information will report Row = 1, but in code it's always Row - 1.







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