Sample Projects coresuite framework (Visual Studio projects)

Paolo Manfrin

The file [] contains the following "Visual Studio 2010" projects which shows the functionalities of the coresuite framework:

All the examples refers to SAP Business One 8.8

    [*]COR_ChooseFromList: how to create and use a choose from list

    [*]COR_ComplexForm: how to create a simple form

    [*]COR_DEBUG: shows the different debug output options

    [*]COR_DotNetForms: how to display a .NET User Control within SAP Business One

    [*]COR_Events: How to detect and react to SAP events

    [*]COR_FunctionButton: How to add a new entry related to the function button integrated in the coresutie framework

    [*]COR_Grid: How to create and display a grid

    [*]COR_Language: How to display content in different languages

    [*]COR_Menu: How to interract with SAP menus


    [*]COR_StatusBar: How to display status bar messages

    [*]COR_SystemTable: How to create an UDT

    [*]COR_TestAddOn: Simlulate the startUp of an addon (C#)

    [*]COR_TestAddOn_VB: Simulate the startUp of an addon (VB)

    [*]COR_UserTable: How to create an UDF in a System Tabme (OITM)


The projects must be set to compile in x86 platform.

Each solution contains 2 projects. The "Starter" project should be the starting project of the whole solution.


Will there be some sample projects for 9.0 64-bit?

Rafael Stalder

Hi there


Are there already sample projects for sap 9.1?

I think theres a change by using the dll's sapbouiCom and sapbobsCom?


Thanks for respond.

Greetings Rafael




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