script request CoreSuite

Didier Le Van


how can this translate to script request CoreSuite

Edge up or down or left or right or any
with thickness and color of the line r, v, b

Thank you

Philipp Knecht

Hi didier

i didn't understand completely your question but you can access the properties of each element from within its generatescript.

to set the color of a textbox for eaxample:

textBox1.Fill = New PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Drawing.SolidFill(System.Drawing.Color.Red)


Didier Le Van

Hello Philipp

Thank you for your reply

In fact, on a textbox, I set its border script simply

I find it faster and easier to put the script to each textbox

Especially if there are many

But how do we designate for scrip

Edge of a color B R V
A thick
Straight Edge
Left Border
Top Border
Edge Lower

Thank you for your reply

Philipp Knecht

Hi Didier

You can also use Styles. Create a style and assign it to the Detail, put some elements into this detail and it'll inherit the style from the detail. Or put a style on each textbox.




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